We are currently looking for volunteers for the following projects:

1) Creating a Legal Flowchart for Potential Funding Bodies

This will be a small packet we will send to foundations and trusts that outlines the process of setting up an individual scholarship or grant, from a legal standpoint. To accomplish this we are looking for individuals with any of the following experience:

  • Legal experience in working with foundations, charities, or trusts
  • Graphic Design Experience (this will not be needed until information is secured) to design the materials

2) Reaching out to potential funding bodies or individuals who may be interested in creating scholarship and grants for Mormon Studies. Through September and October we will be gather volunteers and will be fully implementing this endeavor in early November.

  • Any individual with time, a phone, and a computer
  • Specifically looking for people would be open to writing handwritten letters

If you are interested in assisting, please fill out our volunteer form. Thank you so much for your help!